EastWest Bank: Something good happens to local bank

by Geraldine Rullan-Borromeo
(Manila, Philippines)

Published in the Daily Tribune Life 25 October 2012

In the world of cold corporate banking, a personal touch differentiates one bank from another. Entering just any establishment with whom one has not established an ongoing banking relationship will usually not warrant personalized service. This is the kind of service that assures one of their importance in that bank regardless of the amount of their investment.

Often, corporate banks that have opened branches in every corner of every city in the metro, offer a pseudo-personalized banking approach that only offers convenience as far as location access is concerned. Often, other customers of other branches not known to the banking officers are accorded less than personalized approach. This is a common banking practice that makes one feel that he has just drowned in the collective sea of customers in a big corporate bank.

EastWest Bank, in recently launching a new corporate signature, unveils its new corporate strategy to bring itself closer to each customer’s needs, transforming itself from being a mere big corporate bank to deliver its brand promise that EastWest “makes good things happen.”

After an in-depth brand assessment and audit by FutureBrand, the Singapore-based international branding expert commissioned by EastWest Bank, EastWest ties up its commitment with its signature. The brand color is a refreshing green that speaks of rebirth and regrowth, with purple and magenta, giving off a burst of color and creativity that taper the arrows of customer-oriented direction of the bank.

The colors are non-traditional for a banking institution, another signal that EastWest delivers banking services with a fresh approach to its customers in a more personal and vibrant way that addresses their needs.

EastWest Bank president and CEO Antonio Moncupa Jr. said, “The new logo was created from two arrows representing the directions of the bank’s name, coming together to symbolize the relationship between bank and customer, in the heart of which good things happen. It also communicates our intent to become a world-class service provider, and our focus on customer benefits and aspirations consistent with our new brand tagline, ‘Your Dream. Our Focus.'”

EastWest Bank chairman of the board Jonathan Gotianun said, “The rebranding exercise is part of our holistic effort to bring EastWest Bank to a higher level of performance, competitiveness and strength. It is not just about changing our logo or adopting new corporate colors. Our brand represents the value the bank delivers to our customers and our brand promise to them. We hope this rebranding effort will help focus our energies and align all our efforts consistently and more effectively towards delivering our brand promise to our customers.”

EastWest Bank’s new logo heralds its corporate rebranding in terms of service, portfolio and, access to customers. EastWest continues to offer new banking services like the reloadable pre-paid Visa Card that can be loaded up to P100,000 and the passbook + debit card savings account, an unusual pairing for most banks, but is like coffee and donuts for EastWest Bank. Providing documentation and easy access to cash is just one of the ways EastWest Bank focuses on its clients’ needs. Its Dream Home Package offers a loan amortization for only P6,988 for every P1 million loan. The East West Auto Loan promo comes with a chance to win a dream package until Nov. 6. East West Bank also offers a Titanium All-in-One Cash Rebate Card for essentials like supermarket, gas and drugstore purchases. Through all these banking innovations, EastWest Bank makes good its brand promise.

For more information, visit the nearest EastWest Bank or visit www.eastwestbanker.com or call (632) 888-1700 for Metro Manila. For domestic toll-free, call 1-800-1888-8600.

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