Fila: Advocacy in Action

by Vince Borromeo
(Manila City, Philippines)

Friday, 03 August 2012
Published in daily Tribune Life Style

Kung Fu masters have always said that “to bring a workout to a higher level you need to put meaning into your movement.” This ancient wisdom is unlike the philosophy of modern workouts in which physical movement are just what they are and no positive thought is put into action while the movement is executed.

A workout must be wholistic to benefit the body in a wholistic way. In so doing, one will work the muscles as well as the mind. To bring it to its highest level, let the exercise warm the heart and soul, too.

Fila brought this ancient wisdom into application in the recent Fila and Athletes in Action Run for School Rooms. Running for a cause works the muscles, uplifts the mind and warms the heart and soul not only of the runner and organizers, but also its beneficiaries. While running, the runners were every bit as conscious that their run builds classrooms for the less fortunate.

Schools Run for School Rooms (SRSR), led by Athletes in Action (AIA), was put into action by 15,000 student runners from major universities in Metro Manila, groups from government agencies, private corporations and churches, as well as running enthusiasts in the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. The gun started them off at 5 a.m.

The proceeds of the run will be used by the AIA to rehabilitate classrooms in Iligan City destroyed by Typhoon “Sendong” in December 2011.
AIA also partnered with the GMA Kapuso Foundation and iCare Foundation for this project. The GMA Kapuso Foundation will facilitate the rehabilitation of the classrooms.

Typhoon Sendong ravished Iligan City, bringing Fila and some athletes into action. They have made running an advocacy to help, making a great workout greater by using it as a means to help solve a nation’s woes and bring education to every child.

“There has always been a lack of classrooms all over the country, and this situation worsened after typhoon Sendong. Through the help of our partners, we hope to build more classrooms, especially in Iligan City,” said Jose Andes, national director of AIA Philippines.

This shows that Filipinos are indeed a wonderful warm-hearted people, and the Schools Run for School Rooms is teaching values to students, starting them young to do good for their fellow Filipinos.

Fila has proven to be not only good for your feet but also good for your heart. The brand has always been big on corporate social responsibility. It traces its roots from a small town brand in a province in Biella in the Italian Alps. From the ice-capped mountain to the tropical Philippines, they have made us proud because this international brand has given the Philippines its research and development in our very own shores and people.

The Philippine distributor was allowed to have its own research and development. I met the people who study how to make the design and rubber tropicalized. They made me see that the shoe design and overall function adapt to our weather and conditions.

Fila’s trust for Filipino technology developers makes an international brand into a Filipinized brand. To me, this is very wise because Philippine terrains, weather conditions and manners of use and style have their own challenges and characters.
I saw the problem of non-tropicalized rubbber even in rubber made for car wipers. International brand rubbers became brittle because of the tropical sun. I saw rubbers that are “tropicalized,” meaning made for Philippine weather conditions, and now it is in these shoes.

Rico Binalber, senior product development manager, said that this tropicalized rubber has proven to not self-destruct by powdering when not used for some time as most of us experienced with other non-tropicalized brands.

In the 2012 Fila Polo Cup project, 500 for 500, P500 went to 500 families for every purchase of Skele-Toes, and now Fila president Butch Albert and his team set the runners in motion to help Sendong victims once again by donating P500 to 500 families for every purchase of Skele-Toes.

Skele-Toes is Fila’s latest line of revolutionary active footwear. It can be worn at the gym or at a party, dressing it up according to occasion or to the wearer.

Fila also has running shoes Swerve and Flow. Fila Swerve boasts of a Dynamic Landing System through a lightweight foam at the midsole and V3 techonology inserts at the heel. This gives the proper support that one needs in every step, without compromising style and design.

Fila Flow is perfect for the outdoor dweller with its heavy duty outsole, making every shock and bump a breeze.

For exclusive updates, follow them on Twitter (@filamanila) or be a fan on Facebook (FILAPhilippines). By Vincent M. Borromeo, Contributor

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