Four minutes, four moves

by Vince Borromeo
(Manila City, Philippines)

Published in the Daily Tribune Life
September 24, 2011

At the recent Phiten event featuring the benefits of balancing the electrical charges in our bodies to enhance physical performance in sports, Jimbo “Coach Jim” Saret taught attendees how to jump start the body. Jump starting the body gets it going for the day, whether it be for sports activities or just a plain work day.

While balancing the negative and positive ions in the body by applying liquefied titanium through the use of bracelets, necklaces and even titanium-filled clothing apparel is a considerable aid in any physical activity, a consistent and a doable exercise program is needed to achieve optimum health for both athletes and non-athletes alike.

Coach Jim is a sports and fitness science specialist; Olympic
athletic trainer; performance enhancement specialist; speed,
agility and quickness coach; sports medicine specialist; fitness writer; sports, fitness radio and TV host and is a perfect fit for Phiten’s sports philosophy of enhancing physical performance.

The highlight of the event was Coach Jim’s gift of a four minute exercise module that can not only strengthen the body,
but contribute to weight loss and improved physical performance.

Four minutes!

As a fitness buff for over 30 years, this was almost too good to be true. But surely, anyone can find four minutes to work out! For most sedentary people, the lure of a four-minute workout may just get them off the couch or the office chair to exercise. Coach Jim said that if we study the physical makeup of the human body, with muscles and joints designed to move, we will discover that the less we move, the more our muscles will atrophy, become weaker and weaker until we have self-destructed and all the aches and
pains, at the least, and disease at the worst, begin to hamper how we work and how we play.

The four-minute exercise is also a four movement exercise that energizes the body and gets the metabolism going to keep the body burning calories for the whole day. If this is true, then four minutes and four moves will get anybody into better shape.

Coach Jim has previously shared this discovery on 99.5 RT radio show and he had a call-in listener who was a doctor. This doctor was challenged by this claim and faithfully exercised the four-minute, four-move exercise program. A month later, the doctor called in again to report to Coach Jim that the four-minute workout was successful in jump starting his metabolism and helping him lose weight.

Intrigued, this writer readily volunteered when Coach Jim asked who would want to try this new exercise. He then explained the four basic exercises: Jumping Jacks, squats, push-ups and lunges.

He explained that all you need to do is 10 moves of each kind of exercise in continuity. This means you will work out non-stop for 240 seconds straight, and after going through 10
repetitions of Jumping Jacks, squats, push-ups and lunges, go through the same routine until the four minutes are up.

While 240 seconds does not sound like too long a time, it can feel like an eternity if you are doing it non-stop. And so it was with relief that I heard Coach Jim say stop. Whoa! Phew! I was gasping for breath and was at a loss for words as I had to digest what the exercise did to my mind and my body.

I asked, “I felt like my body was jump started! Is this healthy?” As a traditional Chinese martial arts practitioner, particularly of Tai Chi and Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, where both systems espouse a slow and long warm-up in a standing meditation, a jump start was the opposite of what I had learned as beneficial to enhancing sports performance.

Coach Jim’s answer mystifyingly was the answer I expected. He succinctly answered: “The jump start is good for your body as the four exercises are basic warm-ups, which you will need to perform before you get into any physical activity!” The jump start was similar to the effect of Phiten, which I again volunteered for, to test the effect of the product on my muscles. I was asked to put my hands together and then turn to the left without pivoting my torso. The Phiten staff then marked how far the reach of my muscles went.

A Phiten titanium necklace was placed around my neck, then I was asked to twist left. Incredibly my reach was further than without the necklace. Even considering that maybe the second time with the necklace on, my body had warmed up to allow for a further reach, there was another significant differentiation between the two movements. Without the necklace, the muscles were stiffened, and there was a little pain when the twist put my muscles to its elastic limit. With the Phiten necklace, there was no
pain and I had a longer reach.

To further test the product, I was then asked to perform the twist without the product. And the third test made me a believer of how the alignment of negative and positive ions can increase physical performance. Without the necklace, the reach had once again shortened and the ease of the twist was no longer there.

Imagine the difference of jump starting your body or performing any other physical movement with the aid of titanium products!

To know more about Coach Jim’s athletic mentoring activities, visit his Web site at

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