Love in the Workplace

by Geraldine Rullan-Borromeo
(Manila City, Philippines)

C3 Love in the Workplace

Published in the Daily Tribune Life

Having your cake and eating it too in the corporate world is the proverbial castle in the sky for both employers and employees alike. In C3/CustomerContactChannels, a customer contact channel, the lion lies with the lamb. All around the work areas, two things literally catch the eye — the color red and the word love. Since I visited C3 right after Valentine, I thought it was their cupidity that was reason for the red motif and the love banners.

\”Time to LOVE coming to work,\” \”You\’ll LOVE working for C3,” \”LOVE what you do every day,\” and \”LOVE being part of a winning team\” are just a few of the love slogans in C3.

Andy Sarakinis, vice president and Philippine country manager of C3, told me that in C3, love is the prevailing theme of how and why people in C3 work. I could only look at him incredulously and, yes, disbelievingly. Being in the thick of the cold corporate world for more than a decade has adequately jaded me to believe that love and any of its connotations have no place at work.

The first thing I wanted to know was how C3 translated all the love in the workplace, and my skepticism made Andy smile. He then invited me to walk through their workstations, and sure enough, I saw more of the color red and more of the word love strewn in every available banner space. Notably, I came across a lot of cheery faces as we passed through several floors. The next thing that struck me was everyone, and I mean every single person I came across, called Andy by his first name. Having worked in and with multinational companies, I knew this was not the norm, even in an international work setting.

Andy said that in C3 the organizational chart is akin to an inverted pyramid where the employees are the top priority and the headquarter office is at the bottom tip who works as a support center for all its sites.

The energy that filled the rooms I passed was quite startling as I could already feel myself winding down after a long, hard day at work. Then I remembered, these guys are just beginning to start their shifts so their energy levels must still be high. They kept bidding Andy and I a good morning that I got used to it even if the dark night sky outside was contrary.

C3\’s employees, however, draw their energy from the Performance Optimization training program that has built them to become successful as they get on the road of their dreams. C3\’s proprietary training program has a coaching methodology that Analyzes the situation, Designs a solution, Implements the program, Evaluates the outcome and Improves performance.

The training program has been proven to inspire and invigorate contact center agents to reach their sales goals. The uniqueness of the corporate culture of C3 as a business process provider is based on three keys.

The first key is C3\’s Culture. The way a company works is the way it grows. In C3 the corporate culture is not merely written in a manual, it is lived by every person in the organization regardless of rank. The open door policy is not a mere policy; rather it is an evident mark of the way work is done. All offices are glass-walled so that transparency is ensured. More importantly, every employee may approach any officer of the company even if it bypasses their immediate supervisor.

\”How can this be?\” I asked Andy. This policy seems to break the seams that hold organizational structures together. First, the fuzziness of love, with all its emotional ties, is introduced in the traditionally cold corporate halls. Then organizational seams are allowed to be unfastened. Andy answered that emotions are not scuttled away in C3 because emotions are what drive passion. Rather, positive emotions are gold mines for performance. He added that the only way to teach a corporate culture is to live it, that way people will believe it and most likely replicate it.

The next key is the MAD4C3 tool. The acronym stands for \”Making a Difference for C3. This is a recognition tool where contact center agents who meet their daily performance indicators, deliver their \”above and beyond\” heroics, handle great calls or live the brands they handle to the fullest, receive rewards for accomplishments of any magnitude.

The third key is C3\’s community platform where it involves its employees with the communities around it. Cancer and Health Research; Education; Environment; Poverty; and Veterans are the areas of outreach of C3, exemplifying love and care outside its corporate halls and outside the ambit of sales and profit.

After Typhoon Sendong, all of C3\’s global locations sent funds to the Philippines to exemplify how C3 cares for the communities around its businesses.

In a casual talk with two longtime C3 employees, Jayson Macalindong and Marjorie Raselis, who have been in the contact center industry for decades, relate the difference in experience in working in C3. Both testify that immediate supervisors become mentors who bridge the gap between employers and employees.

Over the years they have seen that corporate policies ensure that the welfare of employees is paramount in determining productivity. Both also related that interpersonal relations are given attention for a harmonious working environment. Every glitch, personal or technical is taken care of at every level and escalated to senior management when necessary. This makes C3 an environment conducive to greater efficiency and higher output.

Discover the love and care at C3. Call (632) 479-74C3 or visit

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