Plantronics – The man for the job

by Geraldine Rullan-Borromeo
(Manila City, Philippines)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012
Published in the Daily Tribune Life

Josh Doctolero, senior country manager for Plantronics BV PhilippinesJosh Doctolero (JD), senior country manager for Plantronics BV Philippines, recently received the 2012 APAC Competitive Excellence Award. How the contact center industry was served by Plantronics BV Philippines with Josh at the helm is a collaboration of forces that propelled the Philippines to garner the award. This writer asked him a few questions to peer into how he achieved this along with Plantronics distributors and key sales persons.

The Daily Tribune (TDT): What strategies did you employ to work toward excellence as shown by the award you won?

JD: Our strategies are very simple and have been time-tested. Firstly, we offer the right products that cater to the needs of contact centers and enterprises in terms of high quality; excellent audio clarity; global-standard noise cancelling features; ease of use; simplicity in design; and durability. Secondly, we don’t just sell headsets, we do “Value” selling by helping our clients and partners to understand that we are their preferred business partners in reaching their goals as we are not just a “headset vendor.”
Recently, we introduced to the market our very own software bundles (e.g. Spoke, My, Plantronics Enterprise Manager and Instant Meeting) in line with our Unified Communications product lines to provide more value and service to our customers. Lastly, we ensure that our customers and partners in the Philippines will have the same global support provided to our millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

TDT: How is the Philippine contact center industry growing as compared to its other Asian counterparts?

JD: The Philippines’ contact center industry overtook India last year. Considering that the Philippines’ population is one-tenth population as that of India, indeed, the growth is very consistent as more Filipino contact center agents now serve more offshore call centers in the country.
In other Asian countries like India, China and South Korea, the contact center industry had started growing rapidly about three to five years ago. I must say, they were ahead of us, specifically India and South Korea. However, locally, we have reached the point where all our key customers want our local channels to stock up for their one-year supply. This only proves the success of our products and the effectiveness of the value we provide to each satisfied customer.

TDT: Any unique experiences with Philippine contact centers?

JD: Indeed, it is more fun to handle the contact center accounts in the Philippines. I got accustomed to their sense of urgency; when they say, “I need our headsets today,” what they meant was, “We needed it yesterday.” We are always there to meet their urgent requirements as we continuously find ways to serve their fast-paced environment.

TDT: How popular is the Plantronics brand in the contact center industry in the Philippines?

JD: Eighteen out of the top 20 international contact centers in the Philippines use Plantronics headsets. In the US, 100 percent of Fortune 100 Companies use Plantronics.

Doctolero joined Plantronics in 2007. He is managing the Office and Contact Center (OCC) business with key accounts and major distribution channel in the Philippines. He used to be part of ETPI and ePLDT locally. He gained his global commercial sales working experience with PC-Suria Nascom (KL-MNL), Aptech Software (India) and MetaLink (Hawaii, USA).

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