Tales From the Other Side Series 1: Musings of a Kung Fu Wife on Practical Kung Fu

Geraldine R. Borromeo

Manila, Philippines

When I first met Vince, his lean and muscular physique immediately impressed me. Before I found out that he was an avid practitioner of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and that he was at it since high school, I had thought it was weightlifting and push ups that gave him that physique.

As I got to know him, I realized how deep he was in the martial arts. I was fascinated when he told me how he used to be a thin weak boy before he began martial arts training. Looking at him then, I would have never thought that he could hardly fight his own battles in grade school.

It was a bit strange though as he would often practice kung fu moves wherever we were, no matter who was in sight. As we were lining up for movie tickets, once the lines would not move, he would begin moving his hands into some kung fu form.

At first, it made me conscious of the people who would stare at him (and me!). After a while I got used to it and understood that he did not like being idle and he was just putting good use to idle time.

When Vince did some kung fu hand movements while we were sitting in a hall waiting for a program to begin, my oldest brother, Gerry Rullan, was alarmed. I almost fell off my seat with the look on my Kuya Gerry’s face and his inevitable question: “What is he doing?”

This reminds me of another friend who is also deep into kung fu. When they were visiting his wife’s friend in the hospital, my friend was a few paces away from the sickbed doing kung fu moves as his wife conversed with the patient!

This just goes to show that kung fu practitioners truly have kung fu in mind at every waking moment. Kung fu is second nature to them that they take every opportunity to practice their moves at any given time.

It is noteworthy to add that due to this relentless and constant practice, 14 years later since we were married, Vince still has a muscular body sans weightlifting. The defined muscles are the product of kung fu moves that have obviously built the fibers to contour his physique.

As a wife, I am glad I have grown older with a well built husband. In fact, when my friends see me with Vince, they are likewise impressed with Vince’s physique. And when they ask me if he goes to the gym regularly, I always quote Vince.

“Kung fu is a gem of a martial art as I can practice its forms no matter where I am, in a gym, a garden or any open space I can find,” quips Vince.

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