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Dinah Sabal-Ventura used to scribble before she even knew script.

She would write copiously on her elder brothers’ old notebooks, following an impulse that blazed without a flicker throughout her life. She loved words as a child, favored language and speech as a student, and ended up majoring in Journalism at the University of the Philippines – Diliman even as she thought she had a head for Business Administration.

As it turned out, pursuing a course that no one in her sphere ever encouraged gave her the kind of life she would love. She interned at the old Manila Times covering Education. Soon after college, she was accepted at The Business Star as a cub reporter, writing for various sections including Business, Marketing, Motoring, and Lifestyle.

When The Business Star became The Business Daily, she was promoted as Lifestyle Editor and continued to serve in this capacity for several years until the paper was sold and became The Philippine Post, where she was interim Lifestyle Editor before moving to a Mega Magazine publication to pioneer its architectural source book, BluPrint, as Managing Editor.

When The Daily Tribune was established in 2000, she was invited to join the pioneering team as Lifestyle Editor once more, a job she has kept to date.


Dinah Sabal-Ventura

Dinah continues to write articles for various magazine titles, including Mega, Good Housekeeping, and Health Today. She was also Senior Editor for the ABS-CBN Publications, Inc. title The Kris Aquino Magazine for nine issues.

She sees herself still scribbling no matter where life may take her, following a script already written in her soul.

Geraldine “Reggie” Rullan-Borromeo devoured books before breakfast,

read at the breakfast table, in the car on the way to school, during recess and while waiting to be fetched. She read pretty much read everything she could get a hold of including the literature inserted in the packaging of medicine bottles.

She is the quintessential reader who would cover her flashlight with a blanket so she could read past bedtime. In UP College Baguio High School, everyone predicted she would end up being a writer, one way or the other.

To make the prediction come true, Reggie pursued a degree in Mass Communications and majored in Journalism in the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Mass Communications, Diliman, Philippines. She has been a published writer since 1991.

Reggie went on to the UP College of Law, Diliman, Philippines and to pursue her love of the law. At the same time she wrote lifestyle articles for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Men’s Zone Magazine (a former BusinessWorld publication), Taipan Magazine (a former Lifestyle Asia publication), and Zee Magazine of Cebu. She also published a couple of short stories in the column of Atty. Argee Guevarra in the BusinessWorld.

Reggie also taught Mass Communication subjects in the UP College of Baguio, Department of Journalism for two (2) semesters and one (1) summer. Her role as a Legal and Communications Executive in a pharmaceutical multinational company, Schering Plough Philippines, enabled her to partner the disciplines of communications and law in the corporate world.

Reggie has been regularly contributing to the Life Section of the Daily Tribune, writing food and health articles for KMag, (an ABS-CBN publication) writing legal business advice for the food and beverage industry in the F & B World, (a Hinge Inquirer publication) and reporting maritime developments and legal articles for the “Tinig ng Marino,” an internationally distributed monthly publication based in the Philippines. She has also written on passengers’ rights under the Warsaw Convention in the AsianTraveler.

Geraldine Rullan-Borromeo

As co-founder of Write Concepts Company, the publisher of www.write-experts.com, Reggie is harnessing a network of professional writers and artists in the Philippine publishing world to form a pool of experts and talents that can deliver optimum communications services.

She applies her discipline as a writing expert and as a corporate lawyer to provide creative and technically competent research and writing to address a range of communication needs.

As the wife of Kung Fu Sifu (Teacher) Vince Borromeo, she writes the Tales From the Other Side Series: Musings of a Kung Fu Sifu’s Wife in www.kung-fu-philippines.com

Malu Mora-Rullan always loved words at an early age.

In Kindergarten, she spelled sandwich, “sandwhich”, and from then on she learned the importance that even one letter can hold in a word, a sentence, a paragraph. She realized that words can uplift or mar the beauty of its meaning; it can stand on its own, or need to be with other letters; it can spell the difference between a good word, and a great one.

She lives by the maxim that a writer has at once a great responsibility, once given this precious gift. Whilst cannot pinpoint the day she became a writer, once the realization hit her, she was humbled and awed. “To whom much is given, much is required,” she quotes from the Good Book. Malu embraces this responsibility fully and reverently. She writes to bring out the good and noble things, and to reveal them to the world at large. She believes that nothing speaks to the heart like words.

Malu was born and raised in Baguio City, Philippines. She started writing poems and songs at a young age, earning honors in English, Music, and Math throughout her school years. She became the Managing Editor of Fortress, the college newspaper of the Engineering Department of St. Louis University, where she finished her degree in Industrial Engineering. Malu has a Masters degree in Business from the University of the Philippines – Baguio. She has written for the largest regional newspaper, Baguio Midland Courier.

Upon moving to Seattle, Washington, she got published in an international anthology of poems. For five years, she worked in the financial industry as a banker and investment professional.

Today, she works in healthcare and continues to write, having last written for the International Examiner, the oldest and most respected Asian-American publication in the Northwest United States.


Malu Mora-Rullan

Malu is currently the Editor of kung-fu-philippines.com, a website designed for those who want to learn Kung Fu – in particular, Choy Li Fut Kung Fu – in the Philippines. She brings her expertise in banking, finance, and health, as well as interests in food, music, and travel into Write Concepts Company as Editor.

Malu lives in Seattle with her husband and three children.

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