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Thursday, 02 August 2012

Hitting 40 is a harsh reality, with telltale signs of wrinkles coming from all sides of one’s face. At 20, wrinkles were inexistent. At 30, it still is not an issue though some warning signs begin to show. At 40, taking care of the emerging wrinkles becomes a daily routine in an effort to look at least a decade younger.

I had recently begun using a wrinkle wand, and as I slid it over the lines I wished the wrinkles away as well. The problem was, come nighttime after I wash my face, the wrinkle wand’s magic disappeared along with my facial wash.

When I met Olay ambassador Tessa Prieto-Valdes up close and personal in an intimate lunch at Stephanie Zubiri’s place in Makati City, she challenged me to a skin regeneration test. As the soup bowl was laid down in front of me, Tessa said that by the time dessert was served, she would show me how the fine lines on my forehead would literally disappear.

Just as dessert was served, Tessa uncovered the New Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream and invited me to apply a thin layer of the mousse on my forehead. A close-up photo of my forehead was then taken, and I went on to eat my peanut butter mousse and mini carrot muffins. Just as I ate the last morsel, Tessa turned her eyes on me and gave me a hand mirror so I could examine my forehead.

The fine lines I had looked at every morning before I applied my wrinkle wand had indeed faded away. I looked closely again and tilted my head to one side then the other. Another picture of my forehead was taken and the before and after pictures were put up on a laptop screen side-by-side.

There was no time for the photographer to retouch my face as it all happened right before my eyes. To see was really to believe. There was a remarkable difference between the before and after shots of my forehead.

The beauty of this cream is that unlike other types, one does not need to wait several days to see results. One application is all it takes to see visible changes in one’s skin, said Tessa. Olay’s breakthrough technology reduces the appearance of wrinkles in a few minutes.

Tessa shares her own experience with the product: “It dramatically and visibly removed the appearance of wrinkles in the same time it took me to put the finishing touches to my outfit. I couldn’t believe it!”

Olay scientists share that repeated temporary expression lines lead to permanent wrinkles. Another study also showed that dry skin poses double the speed at which women develop permanent facial wrinkles. As a result of these studies, the new Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream was created.

When I asked Tessa how is it possible that one application can dramatically redefine my forehead lines, she shared with me that each person’s skin has its own optical signature.

Younger skin diffuses and reflects light evenly since the skin is smoother. In older skin, light gets trapped in “valleys” or the deeper lines and wrinkles, retarding diffusion and reflection.

The new Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream’s claim tof fame is it revolutionary skin care with its ability to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles visibly in just a single application. The micro-filler technology — a combination of three sizes of particles that fill in the different kinds of “valleys” created by skin line creates a smooth surface for the light to reflect. That is why these particles effectively reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles in just one application as the light diffuses and reflects on now smoother skin.

My next question for Tessa was that since wrinkles will become deeper with age, I’ll be on a constant dose of the cream to keep on filling my skin’s deeper valleys. Not so, Tessa said, as the product also addresses chronic wrinkles in 14 days.

New Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream also contains a combination of B3 complex and advanced biopeptides to provide long-term improvement on wrinkles, even the look of deep eye lines in 14 days. Biopeptides stimulate cell activity to help hydrate and repair the skin while vitamin B3 (niacinamide), pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E fortify, condition and protect the stratum corneum or the skin’s moisture barrier to help it retain its natural moisture.

New Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream also has intense hydrators to prevent frequent expression lines from progressing into permanent wrinkles. This means that one can rely on it to reverse the lines with continued use and enjoy the satisfaction of getting instant results at the same time.

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream is exclusively available at Watson’s and SM Department Stores.

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