Reggie Rullan-Borromeo, Manila, Philippines

Published in the Daily Tribune Life
October 22,  2012

Our writer discovers that she can take years off her appearance by having the right cut and color.

Hitting 40 meant a race to the last 10 years of my youthful life, 50 being the marker that brings me closer to senior citizen status. Realizing that, I wanted a hairstyle that I could pull off as a young-looking, 40-year-old gal.

Not willing to risk a hair disaster, I could only go to a reputable salon that services professionals who want to look as stylish yet as credible as their careers demanded.

When I heard of Elevation Salon along Pasong Tamo Extension in Makati City, with a reputation of servicing ambassador’s wives, expatriates and high-profile professionals and celebrities, I knew I could put my head under their care.

My hair was finger-combed to ascertain its texture and test its tensile strength. What I wanted was a digital perm after I got bored with my rebonded locks after only six months. A digital perm after a rebond raised many an eyebrow at many other salons. At Elevation, they only had to check the capacity of my hair strands for yet another chemical procedure before it decided that each strand was thick enough to withstand it.

What Elevation refused to do was to give me a color change at the same time. I was told that to do two chemical procedures at the same time may be too high a risk, apart from the fact that we would be unable to determine the cause of any problem should any complications occur.

My digital perm gave me the Hollywood look with all the bounce I wanted, and for a corporate look, all I had to do was tie my hair in a bun or a sleek ponytail. For an event after work, I loosed my curly waves and my hair was back in vogue. That the digital perm set so well even when the procedure was applied to rebonded hair was an amazing feat in itself. That my hair remained lustrous and shiny even without a hair treatment was another wonder to behold. I couldn’t wait to go back for my hair color after a few weeks!

With Elevation’s success with my digital perm, I was again at their salon for a change of hair color with conservative but playful highlights. I also raised my issue with the grays under my temples that needed to be camouflaged along with the highlights.

To do this a skillful combination of a base color and several highlights would pull this off. As not to damage my very processed hair, the rebond and the digital perm, Elevation had to ensure that the coloring process did not dry or kink my hair out.

A reverse process was decided upon to cause the least damage and two hair color technicians started sectioning my hair for two kinds of highlights that matched my skin tone and my preference for a playful but professional look. An ashy blond highlight and a brownish blond color were applied carefully to thin sections to create more highlights. As my hair is very thick, the highlighting process took an hour and a half.

After, a base color was applied to the unsanctioned parts of my hair, preventing a double coloring of my strands, protecting it from unnecessary damage. All throughout, the hair technicians would liberally apply the colors that a color specialist in her color corner mixed right there in a salon. Everytime more color was needed, a fresh batch would be mixed until the hair technicians were satisfied that they had applied the right amount to my voluminous hair.

The color effect on me made me look 15 years younger, as all my friends who saw me with my new hair would say. When the rays of the sun hit my hair or when flashing light reflected the highlights, a subtle yet lively ash and brown blonde created a warm kaleidoscope that reflected the brown of my eyes. Thankfully, too, the color left me looking professional yet feminine — just the effect I wanted.

Throughout the long process, I was offered iced or hot tea, iced or hot coffee, an iPad to play with and a laptop table should I want to work while having my hair done. The ultra clean salon, the comfortable salon chair, the posh bathroom and the cool cement grays that gave off an industrial but avant-garde feel all made for enjoyable and exciting afternoons having my hair done.

The most exciting part after hours of anticipation would always be the reveal after my hair is blown dry and styled and the new me faces across the mirror. The new me walks out of Elevation, giggly as a schoolgirl inside, but as stylish and cool as the young professional I want to be.

For more information, call Elevation Salon at 830-3030 or visit them at Building 3, Jannov Plaza, 2295 Pasong Tamo Extension,1231 Makati City.
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