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Published in the Daily Tribune Life
May 24, 2012

When is a woman at her most beautiful? Most young men tend to think women are at their best physically from the ages 18 to 20. Older men, though, find women more attractive when they are over their 30s.

The world’s standards of beauty have dictated how women care for themselves. Society adores women who have taut bodies and flawless skin that equals “perfect youthfulness.” With such pressure to look youthful, women and even men have gone over the line just to have the best body and the fairest skin ever. When skin experts are questioned: “How can people avoid aging?” The answer is always the same. Aging is inevitable as every year marches in, but there is hope.

The right amount of sleep, water, food, balance and, of course, the products being used contribute to how you age. Managing to avoid looking older has all its own factors, but one of them is using the right product for your skin.
People nowadays aim to achieve the fairer and healthier skin the commercial ads portray. The very young are also hoping to stay young. Who doesn’t want a blooming yet natural image that keeps one look younger? What is the best product that can help sustain youth?

Among the most popular is Cetaphil, a line of skin care products from Galderma Laboratories that has been tried, tested and trusted. It relieves dryness and chapping and has a long-lasting moisturizing effect. “Cetaphil has been around for more than 60 years and is the most frequently used brand of cleansers and moisturizers and recommended worldwide by dermatologists and pediatricians,” according to information provided by Cetaphil.

Trusted by doctors and consumers, Cetaphil is also a brand supported by extensive clinical studies. It significantly improves signs and symptoms of atomic dermatitis. Its daily use will gently replenish vital moisture and guard the skin’s natural moisture balance. The products include cleansers, bar soaps, cream lotions and moisturizers. These are scent-free and oil-free and therefore, non-greasy and safe for all ages and types of skin, even those who have sensitive skin, dry, oily and/or acne-prone skin) because of its non-harsh chemical construction.

Cetaphil is a non-comedogenic product (products that don’t clog pores) with emollient properties (skin softeners). It is pHbalanced so it helps retain the skin’s natural protective oils and softens the skin as you gently use it. The fact that Cetaphil has one formulation per product for all age levels, even babies and may be used by all skin types is quite stupefying. The skin care market is overflowing with products for different age levels and different skin types.

Cetaphil debunks the myth for different products for different age levels and skin types and shows that skin is skin at any age and needs the same care. Moisturizers play a big role in keeping the skin smooth, healthy and supple. The three important ingredients that a moisturizer should have are humectants, emollients and occlusive agents.

Humectants are water-binding agents and emollients are skin softeners, while occlusive agents block the loss water of the skin. A sufficient amount of moisturizers should be applied four to five times a day or as often as possible. Purposely formulated with a plan to effectively moisturize, Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 contains the three very important ingredients like all the other Cetaphil moisturizers. SPF 15 sunscreen with Parsol 1789 and Octocrylene helps prevent damage caused by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays (responsible for dangerous sunburns and development of skin cancer).

Our skin being the largest organ of our body consists of two basic layers, the underlying dermis and the outer epidermis. These two are made up of the germinative layer, the stratum apinosum and the stratum corneum or the outer covering that we can see. When new skin cells are formed at the germinative layer, time after time they move through the next three levels of the skin. The skin cells start out round and plump, but later they get older and flatter as they travel. Finally when they reach the outermost layer that’s visible to us, the cells are ready to come off. Some call it shedding, but more likely it is scraped off or exfoliated whenever we scrub our faces or when we simply move around.

Obviously, the skin is an active organ that plays a huge role for every single person. It serves as a defensive barrier against toxins, bacteria, ultraviolet radiation, trauma and changes in temperature. When you wash your face, never scrub it vigorously because it will strip off the skin’s natural oil and moisture. When the skin is dry (most common skin ailment) the reason is usually caused by lack of water and not lack of oil or your genetics.

Simply, what the skin really needs is just to be properly taken care of and the results will be visible in no time. Or all the time!

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